Hello World / Great Gatsby Review

20 May

So a few friends, and by that I mean 2 of them, have been asking me if I’d ever start a blog of my own.  So here it is.  I struggled with what to write about.  Being single and in my 30’s?  Boring, especially given my dating life.  That and I don’t really want to chase away any would-be suitors by blogging about them.  So I decided to just go with what I know.

So here it goes.  Nothing terribly interesting on the food front this week, so I’ll start this blog off with a movie review.

This past weekend I went to see The Great Gatsby.

great_gatsby_ver7_xlgI have a serious love affair with Leo.  Those my age grew up with him.  I remember when he was on Growing Pains, it all started with that appearance.  And Leo in a tux or a 20’s style suit, how could I possibly say no.  Also, Gatsby is one of my favorite books.  If you haven’t read it, pick it up now.  It’s a quick and easy read.

The movie itself is a different take from the Redford version of 1974.  A version I do like a great deal.  The music was awesome, but with Jay-Z (excuse me, Shawn Carter)  as a Producer and Baz Luhrmann as Director, I expected nothing less.  Baz brought us the Romeo and Juliet of the 90’s, which to this day is one of my favorite soundtracks and one of the only romantic movies I was ever able to convince my high school boyfriend to see with me.

Overall, I liked the movie.  Not the best movie ever, but it was well done and entertaining.  I know it didn’t get the best reviews, and there are reasons for that, but it did entertain me.  It was a bit slow and felt somewhat drawn out.   The book is only 180 pages long, so getting a 2+ hour movie out of it is a stretch.  They also took some liberties with the story, but none were terribly out there.  Leo was great as usual (I’m a little biased when it comes to Leo though, I’ve only seen like 2 movies I didn’t like him in).  Tobey did a great job, but his range as an actor is limited in my opinion.  He was great in this role because it’s the exact kind of role he excels at… the slightly dorky outsider who is brought into a very interesting world.  This is the first movie I can recall seeing Cary Mulligan in, and at first, I thought her voice and tone would drive me out of the theater.  But it was perfect for her character, flighty and seemingly very 1920’s.  The scenery and costumes were amazing, I just wish men still dressed like that for a casual afternoon!

Spoiler Alert if you haven’t read the book!!!  The main difference between the book and movie began immediately, they put our narrator Nick(Tobey) in a psychiatric institute following the events of that fateful summer.  This isn’t a huge stretch for me to make, I mean, I’d want a shrink after going through all of that nonsense myself.  Now I can see how those who have not read the book would not love this movie.  It’s not happy, there are only 2 truly likeable people in the whole freaking movie/book.  Most of the people are ridiculously selfish who have little to no grasp on reality.  In the end, the bad people get to go on with their lives while our hero dies.  I can only hope that the market crash of the 20’s destroyed Daisy and Tom’s lives (not their daughters though).

Again, I did like the movie and need to download most of the soundtrack.  My spin instructor played the Fergie song in class on Thursday and it was very motivating.

So, I hope you enjoyed my first blog post, I will be working on my follow-ups and on making this site a little prettier and more navigable.

3 Responses to “Hello World / Great Gatsby Review”

  1. Brian May 20, 2013 at 1:37 am #

    Very cool. Your take on the movie and your little sidebars about your Leo fetish were very cool. I want more… Consider me a follower.

  2. Kathleen Kifer May 20, 2013 at 2:49 pm #

    Interesting review of the Great Gatsby. The original novel was written in 1925 and has a timeless quality that seems to speak to all generations. Your review, also encompasses the multi-generational aspects of the movie from the actors, costuming, music and scenery.

    Best of Luck with the Blog!

  3. Jen Presutti May 21, 2013 at 12:47 pm #

    I can’t wait to make that pork dish, it sounds soooo good! The pics definitely sold me.

    Also, great movie review. The costumes look amazing. Maybe I’ll take the hubby to the movies this weekend…

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