Wedding Weekend

18 Jun

This past weekend I had the honor of being a part of the wedding of one of my best and dearest friends.  Marissa made a gorgeous bride and she and Dean are a beautiful couple.

This was possibly the most fun wedding that I’ve ever attended.  All the little touches that the two of them added made it unique and so very Dean and Marissa.  This included all of the food of course!

It was a weekend of friends, fun and food (and a little drinking, ok a good bit).  It started with the rehearsal dinner of course.  Marissa and Dean rented out a coffee shop in their Orlando neighborhood.  The location was Downtown Credo, a very unique location.  If you are one of my Orlando friends I encourage you to visit the shop and check out their website, they have a great business model focused on making a positive impact, both in Orlando and globally, as opposed to profit.

They had the dinner catered by a local BBQ caterer, Ellie Lou’s Brews and BBQ.  It was simply fantastic.  There were great bbq foods including beans, macaroni and cheese and potato salad, pulled pork and rips  more.

IMG_0625As you can see, I went a little overboard on the mac and cheese, it’s a weakness.  Also, I ate my salad before I took the picture, I was a little hungry.

They are currently looking for a place to set up a permanent restaurant and I sincerely hope that they are able to find one soon so I can have some of this food again during a future visit.

They also had a cake that contained several of their mutual interests including UCF, the Orlando Magic, football, basketball and running!


The day of the wedding was fantastic and I only cried 2 times during the ceremony!  I have to hand it to Dean and Marissa, they put together a fun wedding party.  Living out-of-town, I hadn’t met any of Dean’s friends before but they were a blast.  One of his buddies figured out that I have a weakness for champagne and made sure my glass was never empty on the ride from the church to the reception.

After some pictures, we arrived at the cocktail hour at the Longwood Community Center.  They had a local food truck, La Empanada, provide the food.  The menu paid homage to Marissa and Dean’s heritage with both Greek and Trinidadian inspired empanadas.


After our sports themed entrance, we had a speech from the father of the bride and then dinner.  I’ll be honest, I was a little distracted during dinner and while everything that I had was very good, the thing I remember the most were the roasted veggies, they were fantastic.

Reception Food 01

On to the most important part of wedding food though… the cake!  I’m a cake snob, and this cake did not disappoint in the least.  It was a cute cake that was simple and fun.  The cake had a great custard and fruit filling.  I could have eaten 3 pieces, no joke.



There was also a small table of Greek wedding cookies, fudge and baklava.


After the cake, I attempted to dance all the calories off, though the amount I drank probably didn’t help with breaking even.  But we all had a great time and that is what counts.

I lucked out in that my food extravaganza did not end with the close of the wedding.  Kim, a friend I met through Marissa invited me to her house on Sunday for homemade egg rolls and spring rolls.  This was quite the experience and it was phenomenal.  When I arrived Kim had fried up some of her mom’s homemade pork egg rolls as an appetizer.


After that, 8 of us sat down to make our spring rolls.  I have eaten these many times, but never made them.  Well, assembled, Kim cooked all of the food for us in advance.  It was all so good and I ate two rolls.

IMG_0660 IMG_0661

After the spring rolls, Kim made us mango sticky rice with coconut sauce.


It was fantastic and if I hadn’t been so full I might have been able to eat all of it!  Kim is also a food blogger over at Eat, Live, Eat More, so check out her site for her recipe’s, I think Kim will be posting the recipes from this session soon!

I have to thank Marissa and Dean for putting together such a lovely weekend.  I know it was a lot of work, but you started the rest of your lives off with a bang and I know you will be a happy couple for many many years to come.  I love you both!!

2 Responses to “Wedding Weekend”

  1. Marissa June 18, 2013 at 1:35 am #

    Wow Great Post Kari! I love that you went to Kim’s house to have Spring rolls too! Thank you a million times over for all your help with the wedding.

  2. John June 18, 2013 at 4:48 pm #

    Marissa looked beautiful! Looks like a fun wedding!

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