Fish with Herbed Greek Yogurt Sauce

22 Jul

I found this recipe on Pinterest a few months ago and I made this once before.  It’s really really tasty and super simple.


What you’ll need…

Fish (I used flounder, but the original called for salmon.  I think any fish would work)

1 small container of plain Greek Yogurt

1 heaping tbsp dijon mustard

1 heaping tbsp fresh dill

1 heaping tbsp fresh parsley


Mix together the yogurt, dijon mustard, dill and parsley.


I let this sit for an hour or so then spread it on top of the fish.  This makes enough for 4 pieces of fish (3-4 oz each).  Don’t be stingy, heap this on top.


I also decided to roast some zucchini with the fish and bake a sweet potato.  I just put some olive oil, salt and pepper on the zucchini and cooked it with the fish for about 12 minutes.


Here is the plate, I kinda destroyed the fish when I moved it from the tray, that’s what I get for trying to move it with a fork and not a spatula.


I just put some cinnamon on the potato.  All together, this comes in at 359 calories, and the fat in it is all healthy fat.  It’s very filling too and is a super fast weeknight meal.

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