The Mortal Instruments – City of Bones Review

1 Sep

I dragged my poor mother to see this movie tonight.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013) Poster

I can’t believe how bad this was.  I read this whole series of books and LOVED them.  They were good stories that were relatively well written.  I liked the characters, they were well developed and somewhat understandable.  At least in the original trilogy.  I was really excited to see this movie because I had a hope (albeit a small one) that it would be okay.

The movie version deviated from the book a good bit, didn’t explain enough of what was going on and relied on mediocre acting to get the point across.  The only bright spot was the acting of Robert Sheehan who played the part of Simon.  He was really the only one with decent acting chops among the young cast.  I will say that Lena Headey and Jonathan Rhys Meyers were also in it and did an okay job with the small bits they played in.

On a side note there, when did I get old enough to have people about my age playing the parents of teenagers.  I do not feel that I’m old enough for that to be happening.  I don’t expect my contemporaries to be playing college students or anything, but parents of teenagers???

I just wish movie studios would learn from their mistakes.  Taking well loved books and then making horrible versions of them for the big screen isn’t going to work.  Golden Compass and Beautiful Creatures being other examples of this type of massacre.  You can’t just take a huge book series and turn it into a huge movie.  It takes a little effort, put someone who knows what they are doing behind the script, someone who will keep the original intent of the story in tact and won’t just go for the quick, cheesy scenes.  This movie could have been done well if it had a decent script and someone who didn’t just try to put the movie out there for a quick buck.  The studio could have actually made a lot of money if they had put in some effort.

So my note to movie studios, take a little pride in your output.  I get it, you are out to make money, but what good is it to make a crappy movie from a well liked book series.  You won’t get your money back on it and you won’t make any money off of the rest of the series because you so royally screwed up the first one.  So instead of investing in this first movie for the sake of the trilogy, you made a crappy movie that tanked.  I mean, one girl in the theater actually stood up at the end and said, “well that sucked”.  I agree.

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