The Family Review

15 Sep

My mom and I decided to go see The Family today just for something to do (since the Steelers play tomorrow).  We went in spite of the relatively bad reviews that it received.

The Family (2013) Poster

I wasn’t sure if it was a comedy, action movie or family drama.  There were bits that were comical, and if they had stuck with that, I’d say it could have been funny.  There was violence, and if they had stuck with that, I’d say, hey it’s another mafia movie.  But really what I came away with was the family drama.

All we ever know is that Robert DeNiro turned state on the mafia and is in witness security.  The mafia is of course still after him.  His family has had to move around every few months since he informed on his former “family”.  You don’t immediately see the impact on the kids, but it becomes very obvious after a while.  I’m going to spoil a bit here for you, but their daughter was so unstable it was awful to watch.  In the end the kids essentially save their parents and it is so very sad when you think about it.  Both parents kept saying that the kids adapt so much better than they do.  Are they delusional?  Both kids have so many issues and both parents are too self-involved to notice.

So in the end, I guess this was a dark family comedy.  Did I like it?   Eh, it was okay.  I wouldn’t watch it again nor would I tell you to run out to see it.  But if it’s on TBS one afternoon in 2 years, just give it a watch.

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