Random Saturday Movie

28 Sep

Have you ever turned on tv on a Saturday or Sunday and just randomly started to watch a movie or show that you never even wanted to see?  This happens to me from time to time.  It happened today.  I meant to watch football, and I kind of am watching the UCF game (on ABC if you want to watch too).  But I had TBS on when I turned on the tv and Life As We Know It was on.

I really dislike Katherine Heigl.  She annoys me for some reason.  And yet, I kept going back to this movie.  As if I had no idea how it would end.  I’m going to spoil the ending here, I’m sure it will not hurt anyone’s feelings as it is not a shocking ending.  Best friends of couple (K.H. and Josh Duhamel) are named godparents of new baby.  Said couple dies in a car accident leaving best friends as guardians of the baby.  The movie then follows your typical romantic comedy formula.  They fight and dislike each other, then slowly become friends and figure out this new life, then they sleep together and everything seems great.  Then something happens to tear them apart (in this case J.D. gets a dream job offer out of town).  Katherine’s character starts to date the gorgeous doctor.  Of course, Josh comes home for some event, there is one more epic fight, and things seem to be over.  The gorgeous doctor speaks words of wisdom and walks away gracefully.  How else would that happen, isn’t that how all relationships end?!  Katherine of course runs to the airport to chase Josh… and buys a random plane ticket to get through security, because again, isn’t that a common thing?  I guess if they made movies about real relationships it would be SUPER boring.  So I’ll forgive them.  And duh, after all that drama, Josh never got on his flight, he was waiting for them at home.  And of course everyone lives happily ever after… how else would it happen.

Just a side note here, Melissa McCarthy was in this and of course stole the show.  As usual for her, she did an amazing job.  Maybe that’s why I stayed tuned in.

So my thoughts on this ultimately, I’m still not sure why I watched it.  It wasn’t awful, I will say I’m very glad that I watched it on TBS and technically didn’t pay for it (aside from paying my cable bill).  It was moderately entertaining, even though it was super predictable.

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