Movies that make me cry

1 Dec

There are some very random movies that bring me to tears and most of them play around the holidays.  Tonight one of those movies was on tv.  And even though I own this movie on DVD, I felt compelled to watch the last half of it, because that was when I saw it on the guide.  So here are my movies… holiday edition… that make me cry.

1.  The Holiday

The Holiday (2006) Poster

This is the one that was on tonight and the number one makes me cry, especially around Christmas, but honestly any time it’s on.  It’s not sad at all.  For some reason the story just makes me get all teared up.  Maybe it’s jealousy because I’d really like to go on a holiday to the UK and meet Jude Law and have him fall in love with me in a matter of two weeks.  I have a rich fantasy life, leave me alone.  I just really love to watch this movie.  I know I’m not going to meet Jude Law but I would like to do a trip like this someday.  Just go someplace for a few weeks and actually get to know people who live there.

2.  Love Actually

Love Actually (2003) Poster

Another movie featuring Brits.  I do love a good British accent.  Here’s a movie with Andy Lincoln before he was killing zombies on Walking Dead.  And he was one of my favorites in this movie, he was adorable in it.  But really, the story that gets me crying every time is the one with the little boy.  It’s just far too adorable.

3.  Any Harry Potter Movie

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) Poster

I apparently have a thing with British people.  If you want to get down to it, Scottish and Irish too, I love those accents.  I don’t know why these movies get me.  Maybe it’s because I loved the books so much.  So when I watch the movies (and they are ALWAYS on in December, like 20 times on ABC Family) I get a little nostalgic.

4.  Meet me in St. Louis

Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) Poster

Judy Garland sings “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and I lose it every time.  Again, this isn’t a holiday movie, but it tends to be on TCM at some point in December and I always tune in.

4.  Polar Express

The Polar Express (2004) Poster

Yes I put an animated movie on here.  It’s an awesome holiday movie, a little boy who needs to find his belief in the magic of Christmas again.  I love to watch this and I will at least once or twice (maybe more this year since I’ll be in that stupid sling).  This one makes me cry every time I watch it.

Speaking of the sling, I’m having my surgery on Thursday, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be writing.  I’ll have plenty of time and I will be catching up on all of those summer movies that I missed, I’m just not sure how easy it’ll be for me to type, we shall see.  I certainly won’t be cooking 🙂

How about you, what movies tend to make you cry?

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