Habitat Pittsburgh Review

22 Apr

Jen and I went to Habitat at the Fairmont in downtown Pittsburgh this evening.  It made the list of restaurants for Pittsburgh magazine last year, therefore it’s been on the list for a while now.  Not at the top, but since we’ve been on a downtown kick, we decide to go for it.  We made reservations about a week or so ago, but honestly, we didn’t need them.  I assume that unless it’s a busy weekend you’ll be fine without calling ahead.

The setting was very hotel-ish (another non-word for you).  Just that you could tell you were in a hotel restaurant.  It was super modern and absolutely fit with the theme at the Fairmont, but my guess is that the decor will seem outdated in about another 7 years.  The conversation and company was awesome (as always).  Lots of work talk tonight for some reason, but we both had some things we needed to talk out.  Then there was the people watching.  Which was just phenomenal this evening.  Shortly after we arrived a couple, in their 80’s I’d guess, walked in.  The wife in these black silk pants and what I believe was a chinchilla fur vest that came to her knees.  It was fantastic.  And then toward the end of our meal, a woman came in, also probably in her 80’s, in a silver metal (metal, not metallic) tie and gigantic 70’s glasses.  If I am even half as eccentric as either of these two women when I’m in my 80’s then mission accomplished 😉

On to the meal…

Two of the things I liked about Habitat
a lot were that they split things for us in the back when we said we were sharing and if you have dietary restrictions (which neither of us do) they have special menus.  For my gluten free friends I appreciate this for you.  I looked at the menu before I went, but I still was unsure what I wanted.  To start though, I knew I wanted the beets and luckily, Jen wanted to share.  I love beets and this was a simple serving of roasted red and golden beets with goat cheese.  Super simple and delicious.


I honestly could have just eaten off of the appetizer menu probably, but I decided to get a real meal since I was there.  I opted for the salmon with veggies.  Again it was a simple preparation and was very good.  I absolutely enjoyed it.  The interesting bit was the little piece of salmon jerky.  Which really just seemed like salmon bacon to me!


Jen ordered the pork chop.  The best part about it was that it came with popcorn.  That’s right, I said popcorn.  And it was strangely perfect with it.  I think it was because the chop was served with some sort of polenta (so corn).  I had a bite and the popcorn was a fun addition.


I could not finish my meal, but that didn’t mean we weren’t getting desert.  I didn’t want anything heavy and obviously we were going to share again.  We ended up ordering what they called Blackberries in Bloom (fancy I know).  But it had violet ice cream that I really needed to try.  I don’t know that I’ve ever had violet anything.  It had this great shortcake and blackberry and orange fruit mixture with it that was really good.  and since we split it, the serving was reasonable and it was refreshing.


Overall, I enjoyed my meal here, but I would not likely go back.  It just was a little expensive and I feel like I can get an equally interesting and satisfying meal elsewhere in the city at a more reasonable price.  The food was good, but it’s just not the kind of place that I’d frequent.

Now off to bed because I’ve been up and moving since 5 am today 🙂

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