Blogs I Read

Here are some of the blogs that I read regularly, some are my actual friends and some just feel like friends because I read their blogs!  I’ll add to this list as I get more into blogging I’m sure!

Crazy Running Legs

This is my friend Michelle, she’s one who finally convinced me that I should blog

J’s Everyday Fashion

This is J, I’ve only met her one time (she’s friends with Michelle), but I read her blog all the time.  She helps me stay somewhat fashionably current.

Mama Explorer

This is my friend Jessi, she blogs about her life as a mommy of two!

Eat, Live, Eat More

Another food blogger!  This is Kim, she lives in Orlando and likes to try new food like I do.  She has some great recipes on her site!

RARA’s Farm

This is my buddy’s blog about all things rock and roll.  I’ve written a few posts for his site and it has a lot of good reviews for live shows (mostly in the Orlando area) as well as albums and bands in general.

Embrace My Space

This is Sara’s Blog about decorating.  She provides awesome DIY ideas and other decorating tips!


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